Bacon makes everything better

We’re now curing our fourth pork belly.  Sunday we smoked #3 with pecan wood chips. I think the taste-testers prefer alder.

I’ve committed to putting a pork belly into the cure every time we smoke one. If I don’t keep up, we go a week without any homemade bacon. And that’s sad.

This morning I made eggs-and-bacon sandwiches for my men-folk to eat on the way to school.  They were so delicious that I got thank you notes. Jeff said our son kept saying,

“this is a really good sandwich.”

That’s right. Made with a mother’s love. And bacon.

What’s your favorite breakfast?

Third Batch underway!

We tried out the new smoker last weekend and smoked the provencal herb bacon. Next time, we’ll rinse the salt off first. The side pieces were a bit too salty for my taste.


Today I mixed up some “plain cure” and started another batch.


I’m cooking up the last of the second slab. That means we’ll go a week without any bacon. To prevent this from EVER happening again, I will buy and start to cure the next batch on the same day as smoking!

I’ve promised one of the last slices to a friend. A good friend. A lucky friend.

Makin’ Bacon

I think it was already a year ago at a Christmas party full of expats when we came up with the idea of making American bacon. We stood in tight circles complaining about the foods we missed from back home. All the Americans at the party agreed: Bacon. We swapped the names of our favorite butchers in the hopes of sourcing this treasure.  Everyone said they’d drive across town if they could find someone selling good bacon.

Fast forward, Jeff made the first kilo with a sugar/salt cure followed by a seven-hour smoke on the BBQ. And we ate it. And it was very fine.


And we wanted more. So a couple days ago, I got some more buikspek and created a herbed salt/brown sugar cure. This time, 1.5 kg. Not that it will last any longer than the first batch.  Here it is, curing in the refrigerator. Just wait until you taste it!